Perseverance 1920x1080


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At the age of 14, Ambroise discovered his passion for downhill skateboarding and began to dream of becoming the world’s fastest freerider. His obsession: establish a new world record by performing a stand-up slide at a dizzying speed of over 135 km/h (84mph) on a skateboard. Ambroise went to Austria to try to realize his dream, after 4 days of attempts he established a new world record that will mark his discipline. Despite this unprecedented success, he feels a strange bitterness, as if the achievement of his goal was not enough. Through introspection, he discovered that true fulfillment lies in the journey taken and the lessons learned. An inspiring adventure that highlights the importance of personal growth and gratitude for each step in the journey toward success. Best Film – Festival du Film de Montagne 2023.