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Pathfinder – Life Beyond Fear. Pathfinder is a tale about the human spirit.The film follows six world-class slackliners (Highliners) on a mission deep into the Norwegian mountains to attempt something that’s never been seen before: Walking a thin line, elevated in the vastness between two colossal cliffs, illuminated only by the mystical northern lights. The yearning that drives adventurers and explorers to climb the highest peaks, sail endless oceans, and cross vast deserts in the name of progress, is the same passion that drives these slack-liners to attempt what has still been unclaimed. Through the extreme conditions and endless challenges, we learn about their elemental desire to explore the limits of humankind. Finalist – New York Cinematography Awards 2021. Best Doc – European Cinematography Awards 2021. Best Film – Forence Film Awards 2020. Jury Choice Winner – FFTG Awards 2021. Best International Film – Venice Film Awards 2020. First Place – Short Film Competition 2020. Best Documentary – AXD Short Film Festival 2020. Best Short Film – Inkafest 2020. Best of Fest – Rome Independent Prisma Awards 2020. Official Selections 2021: Flathead Lake International Cinemafest, Hospitalet de Llobregat International Film Festival. Official Selections 2020: BANFF, Kendal Mountain Festival, Lisbon Film Rendezvous, Hollyweed Film Festival, Arica Nativa Rural Film Festival, Dalmatia Film Festival, Cortomontagna, Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Backcountry Film Festival, Anchorage International Film Festival, Yellowknife International Film Festival.