Papa Shillingi



The magnificent wonders of the sea and the glorious life it beholds is Volker Bassen’s passion. The scene of a whale shark caught in a USAID sponsored net, having its caudal fin cut off, and left to bleed and die, just to save US$10 in fishnet repairs, more than aptly tells the story that inspired the founding of the East African Whale Shark Trust. Capturing the stunning beauty and charm of underwater creatures, corals and reefs in Kenyan and Tanzanian waters, with superbaerial photography of the East African coastline, the film brings to life the reality of ignorance and greed that progressively destroy these gifts of nature. Yet hope flows through the film, showcasing the Trust’s goals and activities, including archival satellite tagging to research dive profiles, feeding, size and migrations that offer some fascinating information. An award winning film tugging hearts that beat, yearning to live in harmony with the beautiful sea.