Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge



Experience a 300 mile journey into the depths of a historic civilization. What started as a typical adventure race production has developed into a testament of one of the last truly unspoiled corners of the world. During a first trip to Belize in February 2012 the Maya Mountain Adventure Challenge organizers were introduced to the beauty of the Maya Mountains and its people. A second trip unlocked the secrets of the Chiquibul and the Mountain Pine Ridge and with them the possibilities they contained for epic adventure races highlighting the great Maya Mountains and Central America. The ‘MMAC’ will take the 16 teams through a 200 mile journey across various types of terrain including the Maya Mountains and the Chiquibul National Park. 50 Participants from around the globe will put to test their stamina, survival skills and endurance over a course of three days in a non-stop competition. The racers will bike, rappel, canoe and trek utilizing their orienteering skills with the limited use of a compass and a map to finish the race.