Match Videozine



Match Videozine 9 is back again after another series of world tours, featuring slopestyle and street riding segments from all over Europe and North America! The world’s top riders are featured in the ninth issue of Match Videozine, the video guide to the latest contests and riders that are pushing the limits of what is possible on two wheels. Check out contest footage from North American events such as Monster Park, Rays 3Ride, and Wham Bam series…then see how the Americans hold up at the overseas contests such as the Adidas Slopestyle in Saalbach, Austria or the Red Bull District Rides in Italy and Germany. Other features include a How To Barspin, Lars Tribus’ back yard, and a bonus feature with a road trip to the opening weekend of Ray’s MTB Park in Cleveland.
Featured riders include: Adam Hauck, Aaron Chase, Carlo Dieckmann, Carter Holland, Damjan Siriski, Phil Sundbaum, and much more.