Let Go / Loslassen

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Exposure, challenges, big walls, thin air. This is the world of professional Swiss alpinist Roger Schäli. His life is lived in the vertical, in a place where letting go also means moving ahead. This film tells the story of India’s Arwa Spire. Roger’s first summit there was in 2002. And there, in May 2011, is where cameraman Daniel Ahnen slipped into a crevasse. Upon returning to the mountain in September 2012, Roger comes full circle when he reaches the summit with his partner Simon Gietl. The film tells a love story with the mountains. It also tells about the relationships between people, like Takio Kato who achieved the first ascent of the Japanese Diretissima route up the Eiger North Face. Going home and leaving again, holding tight and letting go and always eternally grateful for the deep joy experienced on the mountain.