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Kwanza – The Drowning Diamond of Angola. When Olympic kayaker Mike Dawson heard rumors a river the size of the Zambezi hidden in West Africa he set in motion an ambitious plan to travel into the heart of Angola on the adventure of a life time to attempt the rivers wild rapids. ‘Kwanza’ is the story of that journey. An odyssey from the highlands of Zambia, through the deserts of Namibia and into the rawness of Angola. Traveling behind the iron layer of bureaucracy, into the aftermath of a 27 year Civil war that raged across the wild Savannah’s and onto a river is laden with huge rapids. Mike teamed up with South African Dewet Michau & Brit Jake Holland, who, despite the odds being stacked against them, embraced the challenge of the Kwanza and raced against time to descend the mighty rapids before they are drowned by dams. Follow Mike, Dewet and Jake on a journey into the unknown as they make their way across Africa and down the Kwanza River.