If It's Easy, It's Not Fun Poster Web


There are places that make you dream and there are friends who take you on real adventures. When Liv Sansoz, a World champion climber, and Zeb Roche, a paraglider and guide, asked Aurelie Gonin to go with them to Wadi-Rum, a desert in the south of Jordan known for its sandstone massifs emerging from the sand and its Bedouin culture, she immediately said yes! She is not a climber or paraglider like them but a filmmaker and photographer. The purpose of the trip is to climb big walls, fly from the summits, make photos and climax with the ascent of the Jihad, a huge and difficult wall. She knows this trip is going to be a challenge for her but “if it’s easy it’s no fun”. Follow the adventures of the three friends on the cliffs of Wadi-Rum. Mesmerized by the magnificence of the desert, we feel the touch of the red sandstone under the fingers of the climbers and the adrenaline of the paragliding flights. Meet the Bedouins and discover the secrets of making such a film. Combining action and culture, “If It’s Easy, It’s Not Fun” is an ode to adventure and friendship.