Gum Chung – The Slacklife

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Gum Chung – The Slacklife takes a peek into the street performance life of professional slackline athlete Sebastian Gum Chung Segraves. Born and raised in California, Sebastian spends 6 months every year doing unique slackline and highline performances across Europe. The filming is spread across three beautiful European cities- Lublin (Poland), Amsterdam and Utrecht (Netherlands). Slacklining is a new-age sport which involves walking and performing tricks on a 1 inch wide flat rope suspended between two trees, mountain cliffs or even skyscrapers. Sebastian gives an insight into highlining between sky-scrapers and cliffs and why it’s safer than most people think. In Utrecht he charms crowds, performing on a slackline without a safety harness, set 5 metres above a beautiful Dutch canal. Sebastian is a trend setter within the international slackline community and is constantly pushing the limits of what is possible. This family friendly film appeals to general audiences, young and old. Official Selections 2019: Urban Highline Festival, Suru Outdoor Festival, Climb and Slack Cinema Day.