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‘Gorging’ explores the wildly unique sport of canyoneering, as featured in the film 127 Hours. Experiencing an overnight spike in popularity by the late 1990’s – in the wake of canyon accidents appearing on broadcast news – the sport became inundated with participants of all skill levels. Faced with a new era of off-the-couch recreationalists, three influential pioneers, a canyoneering instructor, photographer, and guidebook author each respond to a growing interest in the dangerous activity. Amidst the throngs of new canyoneers emerges Steve Cabourne, an enthusiastic weekend warrior from Los Angeles. Charting his journey from a beginner, Gorging follows Steve’s pursuits as he begins to take on more advanced canyons, placing himself further into more dangerous territory. A tale of adventure and risk, ‘Gorging’ employs the story of canyoneering to examine larger questions about the pursuit of thrills and the consequences that follow.