Flying to 8000 Metres / Envol Vers Les 8000

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A professional adventurer since 2014, Antoine Girard is a former rock climber and high-altitude mountaineer. In July 2016 he spent a month in Pakistan, flying a remote, challenging and ground-breaking 1250km solo through the Karakoram with his tent. With only himself for company, he flew through this stunning mountain range and reached 8157m of altitude to see Broad Peak from above. Adventurer of the Year – National Geographic 2017. Jury Award & Audience Award – Icare du Cinema 2017. Award Contre Courant – Festival International du Film d’Aventure 2017. 2nd Public Award – Les Rencontres du Cinéma de Montagne 2017. Best Adventure Film – VIMFF 2019. Official Selection 2019: 5Point Adventure Film Festival. Official Selections 2017: Kendal Mountain Festival, Winter Film Festival & Explorimages.