Artist, father, and climber, Jeremy Collins had planned to travel to the four corners of the earth with his friend and mentor, Johnny Kopp, to experience different cultures and to push new ascents; West to Yosemite, East to China, North to the Vampire Spires, and South to Venezuela. When Johnny’s life was tragically taken in an avalanche, Jeremy and his friends agree that they must complete the journey taking Johnny’s ashes with them to scatter from the summits. ‘Drawn’ follows the journey from death to life while Collins goes North, South, East and West enduring challenge after challenge told in his trademark hybrid style of hand crafted animation meets on the fly live action. ‘Most Inspirational Individual’ Outdoor Industry Association 2015. ‘Best Script’ & ‘Best Transmission of Mountaineering Values’ Mendi Film Festival Bilbao 2015. ‘Honored Finalist’ Banff Film Festival 2014 & Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2015. Official Selection VIMFF 2015.