Deep in Baffin



Discover huge ice carves to the east of Baffin Island and slide on your skis from fjord to fjord starting from Clyde River while pulling a pulka with thousands of things you need to survive in the Arctic. Travel through steep cliffs, their feet frozen in the sea, descending from the summits towards the ice of the fjords, long, very long and narrow inlets of snow. These are the mythical corridors of Baffin Island. The four of us left during one month to live this extraordinary experience and to bring back a film, the testimony of great arctic happiness! Best Short Film – International Freeride Film Festival. Official Selections: Fontaine en Montagne Film Festival, 17èmes Rencontres du Cinéma de Montagne, Cinématèque du Montagne, Festival International du Film de Montagne, Festival du Film d’Aventure Paris, Explos Film Festival, Livigno European Freeride Festival, Trento Film Festival, Adventure Awards Days & Madesimo Freeride Festival.