Dubbed ‘The Mountain God’, the Citadel is a stunning 3000m peak in one of the remaining untouched corners of the Great Alaskan Range: The Neacola Mountains. Due to their typically poor conditions and remote location are largely unexplored. Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey are one the UK’s most formidable partnerships in alpine climbing with many world class ascents to their names from the UK to the Alps and the greater ranges. Their objective is to make the first ascent of the extraordinary 1200m long north-west ridge. Adventure film maker Alastair Lee embarked upon this project with the objective to push the boundaries and capture hard alpine climbing like never before. Employing the latest cineflex technology combined with an innovative vision the final results are truly incredible; the next dimension in mountain film. ‘Citadel’ is a stunning visual. To match its visual prowess ‘Citadel’ is laced with a strong sense of narrative. Like all good stories it is character driven and centres around one of the most unlikely yet successful partnerships in world alpinism. That of Matt Helliker and Jon Bracey. The stage is set for why two accomplished mountaineers must still seek out new lines in unchartered territory where the odds are stacked heavily against them. We take a front seat ride and are with Matt and Jon every step of the way through all the hardships and struggles, hopes and disappointments. What unfolds is a classic narrative arc where success is snatched from the jaws of defeat. First Prize – Milano Mountain Film Festival 2016. Best Visual – IFMF 2016. Best Mountaineering Film – Ladek Mountain Film Festival 2016. World Prize – Lugano Mountain Festival 2016. Golden Prize – BITFF 2016. Best Climbing Film – Trento Film Festival 2016. Prize of Alps – Temu Mountain Festival 2016. Grand Prize & Best Climbing Film – Flix Mountain & Adventure Film Festival 2016. Best Documentary Award – Sports Film Festival 2016. Cinematography Award – Chamonix Adventure Film Festival 2016. Golden Award – Baku International Film Festival 2016. Grand Prize – Verona Mountain Film Festival 2016. Best Climbing Film – Vancouver Mountain Film Festival 2016. Best Cinematography – Danish Adventure Film Festival 2015. Best Documentary – Torello Mountain Film Festival 2015.