Christmas Story

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Christmas Story Hosted by a wigged out Ratboy speaking Hawaiian. He takes us to Indonesia and G-Land with Occy and Slater getting long tubes in perfect lefts. Then off to Newport Beach for the Surfing Magazine Airshow with an interview with Matt Archbold. Gavin Beschen goes off, but Shawn Barney Barron steals the show and gets interviewed by Richard Wolcott, the CEO of Volcom. Then there is the skit of all skits. Its about a young mans dreams of Christmas and what he hopes to get from Santa. But the best skit in Christmas Story is Shawn Barney Barron reprising his role as Spiderman. Barney jumps around and saves the day once again. Highlights: Slater at GLand, Shane Powell and Matt Hoy at J-Bay, Dredging Kirra and of course Barney being Spidey. The Jack Johnson short film of Kelly Slater riding a door is epic. Athletes: Shawn Barron, Kelly Slater, Occy, Matt Archbold, Gavin Beschen, Ozzie Wright, Christian Fletcher, Nathan Fletcher, Shane Dorian, Tom Curren.