Choose Your Wave

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Surfing is for us – people from central Europe – quite an unbeatable activity. At the same time it´s one of the most attractive lifestyle sports which is becoming more popular every day. Follow several people who have moved abroad so they can live their lives with a surfboard. They have decided to change their lives and combinate it with what they love – surfing. They live their dream and dreams of many others, but is this lifestyle a sustainable one? What do they gain by living like this and what do they have to sacrifice on the contrary? This documentary shows the immense complexity and beauty of surfing, associated with a very simple philosophy based on the classic values of life and unity with nature. You’ll understand what surfing brought to the lives of these persons and maybe even find out something new about yourself. Official Selctions 2018: London Surf and Film Festival, Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Honolulu Surf Film Festival, International Surf Film Festival Anglet, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.