Cheap Thrills

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Cheap Thrills – This is Josh Pomer’s debut surfing comedy. Barney Barron steals the movie with huge double grab airs, and almost the first olly oop ever pulled in surfing history. Barney puts on a sick surfing display along with Flea! Then Barney throws on a Spiderman wetsuit and springs into action, saving the life of a young surf rat and a bevy of beach girls. Flea plays along as the bad guy with a stripped shirt and huge knife. Who would have known saving lives could be so stimulating? Spiderman pops a full chub. It’s very funny. The surfing is state of the art for 1994. Josh Loya was the first surfer ever recorded on film making a frontside 360 air. Loya springs through the air grabbing both rails as he spins and lands perfectly. Flea has a lengthy portrait combining his lanky style through some innovative turns and carves and launching his own air attack. Flea and Barney bonded through the filming of this movie and would make a career out of pushing each other farther and farther. Pomer makes his first filming trip to Puerto Escondido with Rick Masse and Davey Miller. Rick Masse, known for his backside attack at Malibu, surfs very well in the left hand point at Puerto Escondido. Davey Miller takes the big wave crazy guy routine to new levels eating sand and making funny faces, but then backing up the comedy with gapping tubes at the main break at Puerto. Davey shows why he is one of the best tube specialists who ever surfed. Davey rides a bonzer four fin fifteen years before Kelly Slater won the pipe masters riding one. Davey gets more tubed and rides deeper emerging each time like it ain’t no thang. Highlights: Davey Miller at Puerto, Josh Loya 360 airs, Barney and Flea goofing as Spiderman and Bad Guy. And a dude who falls asleep on the couch! An instant surf comedy classic. Athletes: Ratboy, Josh Loya, Davey Miller, Flea, Barney, Strider, Rob Machado, Gally, Kelly Slater, Chris Brown, Rick Masse.