‘Chamousset, Song of the Stones’ – In the South of the Vercors, the French Prealps, 300 meters above the ground, a team of researchers of the Institute of Earth Science from Grenoble are about to make a scientific discovery: to identify and understand the singing of a gigantic rock and work out a new method to predict major landslides. For this one condition is critical: to listen continuously, day by day, year after year. A major challenge in this vertiginous terrain, subject to all weather conditions. This is the story of a teams commitment in the field during all seasons. And often an ignored reality, the deep sound of a mountain that’s alive! Will the song of the stones predict the next big collapse? Official Selections 2016: Festival du Film Scientifique de la Réunion, Festival Ecrans de l’Aventure de Dijon, Festival du Film de Montagne et d’Exploration & Festival du Film de Chercheur. Official Selection 2015: Festival International du Film de Montagne Autrans. Official Selections 2014: Fodacim & Rencontres Montagnes et Sciences Grenoble.