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Caribou – The Great Project of Anne Bouchard. One of the best trail runners in Quebec, Anne started the most important projects of her life. Trail running has become a daily adventure for Anne, her energy turbine in the morning, an essential way of life for which she applies rigor and discipline to ensure sustainability. This routine allows her to achieve the best of herself in the roles of mom and director of corporate taxation. Among the pillars of her motivation, it is the inspiration she induces in her children that is the most important. She wants to share with them the passion that drives her and make them experience freedom to be healthy and to go on an adventure. As a member of the Canadian athletic team The North Face, she competes in local and international racing events and more than ever, she aspires to share the values ​​of solidarity and mutual aid in the community of runners. Caribou gave Anne the opportunity and the moment to return to the essentials of nature. It is the quest to explore a little bit further to find oneself and perhaps, to have a new look at our planet and understand what it brings us.