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Calm after the Storm / Ruhe nach dem Sturm



Today’s society with its economic system is extremely dependent on consumption. The more the better. The pinnacle of this irrational consumption is right before Christmas, the time in which we show how much we love each other by the value of our presents. That’s where the freeride adventure starts, a group of freeriders, who want to get away from this hectic period. Therefore they decide to go on a “simple life” road trip, where they have a time-out from this excessive consumption. No smartphones, No Social-Media on the whole trip, just precious moments with each other by living the moment. Time becomes irrelevant and you start to become a bit more of yourself day by day. Hit by the huge snowstorm in Jannuary 2019 in Austria, they couldn’t have had a better time! It was too good to leave. That’s why they stayed…until the day after the Storm. Official Selections 2019: Filmfest St. Anton, Mendi Film Festival, Freeride Filmfestival.