Brit Rock IV 1920 x 1080


The Brit Rock Film Tour is back for 2022 with another stunning line of the best climbing and adventure films from the UK. Brit Rock IV includes three captivating films: Queen Lines, Sea to Summit and Ephemeral. Queen Lines follows US climber Anna Hazelnutt’s thrilling visit to the UK. In just 12 months of trad climbing, she joins forces with Tom Randall for a one-day ascent of Quarryman and the first female repeat of Walk of Life. Tom’s expert guidance unveils Anna’s rare ability, resulting in a breathtaking and entertaining climbing quest. In Sea to Summit we join Jacob Cook, Bronwyn Hodgins, Angela Vanwiemeersch, Kelsey Watts and Zack Goldberg-Poch, accompanied by filmmaker Jaron Pham, on a daring expedition in Greenland. They kayak 450km to ‘Sanderson’s Hope,’ an 800m wall rising from the Arctic Ocean, aiming for the first-ever free climb. Witness this groundbreaking adventure, uniting human spirit with breathtaking landscapes. Ephemeral explores the world of Scottish winter climbing through the adventures of climbers Guy Robertson and Greg Boswell. Despite the challenges of the 2021/22 season, they achieve first ascents in iconic locations like An Teallach, Glen Coe, Ben Nevis, Craig Meagaidh and the Cairngorms. The film combines gripping action, a rich climbing history, and interviews with climbers Simon Richardson and Helen Rennard, providing unprecedented insight into the unique spirit of Scottish winter climbing. Grand Prize – Poprad Mountain Festival 2022. Ritter Sports Award – Trento Mountain Film Festival 2022. Best Cinematography – Bilbao Mendi Film Festival 2022. Best Climbing Film – Krakow Mountain Festival 2022. Best Climbing Film & Honerable Mention – 17th FGF Solvenia 2022. Best Cinematography – Ulsan Ulju Mountain Film Festival 2022. Best Cinematography – MHFF 2022.