Black & White



JL Ratchel had the good idea to knock on the door of PVS Company and ask them to produce a documentary retracing his career. It must be said that the boy has things to tell. Born in the The Antilles, he arrives at the age of 12 (1998) in La Clusaz, France. it will take him little time to tame his skis and go in the direction of freestyle skiing. He is a pioneer, one of those who accompanied Candide Thovex in his first adventures in La Clusaz which included several appearances in the ‘Rastafaride’ sagas. He quickly imposes his style and joy to ride in the French freestyle scene. Injuries stopped his desires to grow internationally however but JL’s passion for freestyle remains intact. ‘Black & White’ by PVS follows the extraordinary journey of this young man from the islands. Follow him from Saint-Martin to La Clusaz, where with his mates he created a new passion. Relive the evolution of skiing through JL who like many other pioneers, we have a lot to learn from.