Big Speed



Filmed in the French and Italien Alps in 2018, Toto and Steph are ambitious skiers and paragliders since a long time. Combining their skills in search of true adventure, they set off on a journey through the Alps with their speed riding equipment. Speedriding is a sport for the extreme which needs to be practised safely by keeping a close eye on elements such as the weather conditions and the capacity of the individuals competency. It seems extreme to those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in these kind of sports where fear plays a key role. Total control of the parachute and a sound state of mind in extreme conditions at extreme speeds is a must in order to get down the mountain safely. If you were to ask Toto and Steph what possesses them to find passion in something so dangerous and challenging, they would reply with the simple answer that adrenaline is exactly what gets them out to their mission to go to the biggest and steepest mountains in Europe. With many years of experience, they will push the limit to go on a proximity flight above crevasses, cliffs and seracs and touch untouchable snow from unaccessible points.