Between Rivers / Entre Rios



A cultural journey across the treasures of the Valle del Cauca in Colombia. Orlando Duque, after 20 years living outside of Colombia, moved back to his hometown Cali in the “Valle del Cauca”. During his absence he has become a cliff diving legend and 13 times world champion in this sport. Due to his big success and being the first Colombian gold medal winner ever (Barcelona 2013) he turned into a “national hero”, showing to Colombians, that someone who pursuits his dreams persistently can be internationally successful. 2019 will be his final year of competing in the world tour of cliff diving, so he now also wants to take a closer look into his background and own country. He starts exploring his home province, the “Valle del Cauca”, for natural and cultural treasures, and is successful in finding many of those. Not only that he encounters numerous untouched natural areas, but he also meets different kind of interesting and talented people living right beside his old and new home. During this filmic experience discovering remote and unknown locations in Colombia he slowly grows the idea to raise awareness towards a sustainable life in Colombia. Official Selection 2018: Mountainfilm Graz.