For this route from Ruhpolding (GER) to Kasern (ITA), 210 kilometers and more than 10000 meters of vert, recreational athletes need approximately five to seven days. Benedikt Boehm is aiming for the magic time limit of 36 hours, non-stop. The risk of complete exhaustion is very big during this project. In 2006, Beni did this same route on touring skis together with five colleagues. With the name of “Hannibal,” the six athletes broke the then-record time of three days for the route. Mention d’Honneur – FICTS 2020. Official Selection 2021: Orobie Film Festival. Official Selections 2020: Hory a Mesto, Galil Adventure Film Festival, Aspen Mountain Film Festival, Alpin Film Festival, Fort William Mountain Festival, New Zeland Mountain Film Festival, XXIII Cervino CineMountain, Trento Film Festival, INKAFEST Mountain Film Fest, Winter Film Festival. Official Selections 2019: Bansko Mountain Film Festival, Mondovì Film Festival, Milano Montagna Week, Mountain & Adventure Film Festival, Alp-Con Cinematour.