Nestled in a thicket along the old E6 outside Falkenberg lies a peculiar sight – an abandoned concrete skatepark, which over the years seems to have lost its former luster. However, this is no ordinary park; it is actually one of the world’s oldest. This concrete oasis has aged like a living book, where truths dance with untruths, hidden in its concrete cracks. Its existence is not merely a local curiosity but rather a vivid portrayal of a time when skateboard culture was taking its first tentative steps. Among these enchanted souls is the skateboarder John Magnusson. Upon learning that a new residential area plan is being devised, potentially delivering the final blow to the skatepark, he takes matters into his own hands in a desperate attempt to save this unique piece of history. With images and archives emerging for the first time, Automobilen takes us on a road trip to the “Las Vegas of Halland” in the 70s, a place that was anything but abandoned. Stories from both past and present are woven around the big question: What really constitutes cultural heritage? Winner – Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival 2024. Official Selection 2024: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.