Ara Salvaje



Ara Salvaje is a 4K fictional mountain bike documentary that deals with the fight for freedom of the last wild river of the Pyrenees, river Ara, and Argentinian rider Martín Campoy’s chase of dream on the back of his mountain bike. Ara Salvaje is not just a film about Mountain Biking in the Pyrenees. Ara River is the last wild river of the Pyrenees. Kilometres of stories telling us about what the Pyrenees are and about what they were. Not similar to any other mountain bike movie, Ara Salvaje goes far beyond sport. Giving us stunning images of nature, action and history, this film vindicates the respect for Pyrenean nature, and people living in the mountains. A film that celebrates life, love, freedom and dreaming. Highly Recommended – 28 MML Photo Film Awards 2018. Best Film – Mountain Ukerdi Film Fest 2018. Mountain Wilderness – Torello Mountain Film Festival 2017. Official Selections 2018: Bilbao Mendi Film Festival, Ecozine, RIOS, Killarney Mountain Festiva, Overtime Films, Sembrando Cine Peru, International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia SHH, Cine en Grande, NatureTrack Film Festival, Voices from the Waters International Traveling Film Festival. Official Selections 2017: Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival, Bansko Mountain Film Fest.