Aqua Luna

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From Josh Pomer, the award-winning director of The Westsiders comes Aqua Luna. The oldest mummies in the world are from Chile. So are some of the sickest waves. In this followup to Absolute Mexico, director Josh Pomer trains his eye on surfing the Chilean coast. Along for the ride are some of the best surfers in the world. The crew scores a perfect reef that breaks in both directions. Joel Parkinson steals the show with his standup no grab backside tubes. Taylor Knox puts on a display of raw power through his use of rail turns. Cory Lopez shines in the ease of backdooring the wave. Aqua Luna has an all-star cast of interviews that brings us the unique perspective of the surfers featured. Cory Lopez, Bobby Martinez and Pancho Sullivan explain the razor sharp reef and the history of surfing in Chile. Then the all-star crew heads to a wave know as The Fish Factory, where the wave doubles up and spits. The Fish Factory, named for its distinct smell, has a horrible odor but the wave is great. Some fantastic rides and even more spectacular wipeouts. In part two of the film we travel to Southern Chile for a big wave riding experience with the likes of Shane Dorian, Greg Long and Chile legend Ramon Navaro. Highlights: Ramon Navarro scoring a huge tube as big as Teahupo’o. Shane Dorian towing into a fun reef wave. Taylor Knox amazing carves. The visit to the Fish Factory in all its glory. Athletes: Joel Parkinson, Bobby Martinez, Cory Lopez, Pancho Sullivan, Kelly Slater, Greg Long, Ramon Navaro, Shane Dorian, Mike Parsons, Taylor Knox.