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‘Alpine Wall Tour’ is a feature documentary about two top Polish alpinists – Łukasz Dudek and Jacek Matuszek. The story follows the climbers on the biggest European walls such as Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Dolomites and Monte Brento in Sarca Valley. Among the beautiful views and hard and dangerous climbs it is a story about overcoming your own weaknesses, about passion and partnership in the mountains. The action takes place on three hard multi-pitch climbing routes – 1000 meters high, sketchy route “Brento Centro” 8b in Sarca Valley in Italy, vertical and very technical Silbergeier 8b in Ratikon, Switzerland and on the the biggest roof in Alps – the route named Bellavista 8b+ on Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Dolomites. The film is showing climbers’ journey in sending those three routes in one year.
Best Polish Film – Mountain Film Festival 2016 & Krakow Mountain Festival 2016.
Official Selections 2016: Bansko Mountain Film Fest & Mountainfilm.