Alpine Park 1920x1080

Alpine Park

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After a very long season of racing against the clock, Clément finds himself back home in the mountains of Val d’Isère. While most professional athletes are putting their ski equipment away, Clément is preparing to build a course he’s always dreamed of. As he prepares to start with his Alpine Park, he is taken by surprise by the massive solidarity of the people of Val d’Isère, who take matters into their own hands. After the incomprehension of such mobilization, he takes action, and together they bring the project to fruition in record time. In a choreography that resembles a “merry mess”, villagers and skiers of all ages shape, test and ride the various modules to optimize the park. Once the Alpin Park is finished, Clément goes for a fun and impressive session, both in terms of performance and playfulness, in which he demonstrates the full potential of this new concept.