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Thomas embarks four surfers in the heart of the biggest french peninsula the “Medoc” where great talents and strong personalities coexist. In the shadows of the South-West of France the mainstream surf areas of the Landes and the Basque country, Heremoana Luciani, Adrien Valéro, Ismaël Guilliorit and Phillippe Claverie immerse us in their style, with simple stories and relevant thoughts. Tombottom is not only the filmaker and the producer, but also the songwriter. He takes us to cross paths with free people who are happy to practice their art. Lost between calm waters and cavernous sessions, this is a movie with true and unique moments. Official Selections 2015: Bristol Surf Film Festival, Surf Film Festival Cologne, Allianz Portuguese Surf Film Festival & International Surf Film Festival Anglet. ‘Best Soundtrack’ International Surf Film Festival Anglet 2015 & Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2015.