Happiness and Salt / Alegría y Sal

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I wish I could explain to everyone how magic kiteboarding is. This sport is a constant adventure. Where you fully connect with nature since you are powered by the wind and ride the ocean. You can share, fly and wonder with your friends without any restrictions. It’s unlimited fun! Filmed in Los Roques Venezuela, Alegría y Sal has many meanings. The translation to english is Happiness and Salt exactly what we feel when we just did a kitesurfing mission! We went to Venezuela several times now and know how the current situation in the country is. We met the poor and the rich but the one thing in common is their Alegría. In Venezuelan culture Joy is always present. Featuring Alex Pastor, Rita Arnaus, Therese Tabbel, Valentin Garat, Louka Pitiot, Vrinda Hammal, Kalinares, Alvaro Tortosa, Jerome Cloetens and the locals!