Above the Alley, Beneath the Sky



Few cities boast better urban climbing than Rio. From within the heart of Rio’s beaches, eclectic culture, and sprawling favelas (slums) erupts massive granite monoliths that host world class rock climbing. This natural adventure resource was the motivation for a unique climbing outreach program for at-risk youth in Rio’s favelas, the Centro de Escalada Urbana (C.E.U.) C.E.U. is an ambitious climbing school started in Rio De Janeiro in 2010. They have a regular and growing group of socio-economically diverse youths ages 7 -17 who are attending weekly climbs. Every Monday the kids venture out onto the cliffs above their favela. During the climb, they are able to stare down upon a community famous for drug and gang activity. These communities however are slowly changing and these kids are the ones we need to continue the work. C.E.U. aims to create a climbing movement within in Rio, by engaging youths to put their passion into this sport they are helping to transform teens one at a time. This film follows two of those climbers as they attempt a classic ascent of Baden Powel, a precious and well loved route that is the perfect challenge for them. Official Selections 2015: Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Telluride Mountainfilm, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Ojai Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, Lyons Film Festival & HollyShorts Film Festival.