A Home In This World 1920x1080


This fifteen year odyssey follows the personal story of environmental filmmakers Robert and Vanessa Moberg as they attempt to discover the essence of a true home. With unexpected twists and turns Robert and Vanessa share their trials and triumphs over the years. From sailing the rugged west coast of British Columbia with no experience or attempting to buy a homestead in a remote wilderness, the intrepid couple press on. They share a growing commitment to protecting the natural world and dream of finding a low impact, sustainable way of living. Their work producing documentary films eventually finds them on an epic global search for environmental champions. Beginning with a beautiful indigenous ceremony to send them safely on their way, the quest continues to the picturesque shores of Newfoundland, then onward to little known but fascinating locations including a remote village in the Ecuadorian Andes, a shepherd’s hut in Albania, the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, a bat cave in Montenegro and a unique restaurant in the south of France. The inspiring individuals they meet along the way reveal profound insights into the lives of those willing to put their heart and soul into protecting the environment. Forever changed by their journey, Robert and Vanessa finally discover what home really means to them. Official Selection 204: Planet in Focus Festival.