4 Days 4 Mountains



South Brazil is known for its beautiful mountains, intersected by winding routes. The landscapes are breathtaking, awakening big dreams. 4 Days 4 Mountains is about living the bicycle lifestyle and challenging yourself in some of the region’s largest mountains. Two amateur athletes leave their comfort zone to face this adventure that will lead them through the 4 mountains in the 3 southern Brazilian states, only in 4 days. Lisiane Toneta works with digital marketing in a bike factory. She dedicates her free time for mountain bike training as a competitor. Débora Nass is a university professor. She has entered the mountain bike world only a few years ago and it became a passion. They will share a motorhome during the task, in a journey which certainly will expand horizons, bringing new concepts to friendship and companionship. Using the bike as a tool to explore new locations, they will bring a renewed vision to a traditional modality of cycling. A quest to overcome your limits and discover the true meaning of riding bikes.