1 Map for 2



1 Map for 2 is a documentary about the extraordinary motorcycle worldtour by Tartarini and Monetti back in 1957. A trip through five continents, 35 countries and 4 revolutions. From Europe to Middle and Far East, from the boundless Australian deserts to New Zealand, from the Amazonian forests to the peaks of the Andes and the African Sahara. A motorcycle world tour lasted one year, an unbelievable enterprise for that time. At the end of the journey each of the travellers have taken different paths, but the friendship and the continuing bond through this extraordinary experience have remained strong. Two guys with two motorcycles, a 16mm camera and a pocket map share their story and dream. Today they are almost 80 years old and ride the 2 legendary motorbikes Ducati 175 cc again. This is a story about travel, friendship, memories, emotions and music. A philosophy of travel and a way of living, where the arrival is a secondary aim, a pretext. Official Selection Motorcycle Film Festival New York 2014.