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We are living in a world full of noise, movement and things created by us. We often forget our origins, nature and the very beginnings of this world. We are afraid to feel magic inside and around us. ‘Ziday’ is a fictitious character and the sea-goddess of the ‘Guanches’, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands. A mix of mermaid, artist, goddess and “Guanche”. She comes to the Canary Islands to leave us an important message in current times. Surfing is a lifestyle and has a strong relation to nature, art and magic. For this reason the movie is a union of past and current times and Ziday’s way to communicate her message to us. The Canary Islands has a strong potential to be true paradise with it’s deep history of tribes and such diverse nature that each island seems to be a small continent. ‘Ziday’ shows the potential of being a paradisiacal surfing islands. The unique history of the natives of the Canary Islands results in an ecstatic mixture of art and magic and reminds us why it’s often referred to the “European Hawaii“. The film connects classic and modern surfing, history, art and nature with a strong message that should make us think about the world we live in today. Official Selection Madrid Surf Film Festival 2017.