Zembrocal – Back to Reunion Island

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From America, England, France, Italy and Japan. Five climbers from each corner of the earth; Sam Elias, James Pearson, Caroline Ciavaldini, Jacopo Larcher, and Yuji Hirayama, attempt to open a new multi-pitch route on the Basalt Island of Reunion. Lost in the South Indian Ocean, Reunion is the childhood home of Caroline, and after traveling the world for several years as a professional climber, returning was something she had to do. By working together as climbers and friends, the team is able to open, ground-up, one of the hardest multi-pitch rock climbs in the world. All pitches are freed, including the now famous 5th pitch, 8c, freed by Yuji on the last day of the trip, and through all the adventure, Caroline re-discovers the magic of a place long forgotten. The name Zembrocal refers to a famous Creole dish made from mixed varied ingredients that still maintain their original identities.