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World renowned extreme athlete, Will Gadd, is on a journey to conquer new First Ascent Ice Climbs in a remote region of China, with political tensions between China and Canada at an all time high. The adventure begins with Will leaving from his home base in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and landing in Beijing, where he meets his friend and fellow climber River, who is both Will’s guide and climbing partner. Being a complete outsider in China, Will is going to need the help. After an unexpected incident during another magnificent ascent, Will and the crew are invited for dinner at the captain of the local emergency response team’s house, where Will gets acquainted with the local people, customs and cuisine – and has a great time. Will Gadd is constantly pushing the limits. He went to China expecting wild ice and political tension. What he got was incredible people, the best climbs of his life and lasting friends. He can’t wait to return to favor to his new friends, but in Canada next time. Official Selection 2021: VIMFF. Official Selection 2020: BANFF.