We Are Triathletes



Six long-distance triathletes train for the world’s largest long-distance triathlon race, Challenge Roth in Germany, which is scheduled to take place on July 21st, 2014. Those six athletes include: 2-time Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae (Australian), 7-time Ironman Champion Luke McKenzie (Australian), American double-above-knee Paralympian Rudy Garcia-Tolson, Challenge Roth race director Felix Walchshoefer, Chinese athlete Qi Dang, and American amateur athlete Bessy. Each athlete wants to race Challenge Roth for a different reason: Mirinda Carfrae: all the pro athletes and world champions have raced it before, she definitely wants to do it for herself. Luke McKenzie: the race course is claimed to be one of the fastest in the world, and he wants to break the 8-hour barrier after his first daughter is just born just 2 months ago. Rudy Garcia-Tolson: as a Paralympian and gold medalist at 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, he wants to show the people in Europe that having no legs is not a problem for him and he can still do it. Felix Walchshoefer: as the race director of Challenge Roth, Felix wants to race it this year in memory of the founder of Challenge Roth, Hubert Walchshoefer, who was his father as well. Qi Dang: Qi has raced many Ironman races but he has never done Challenge Roth before. He is on a mission to promote triathlon sport in China and wants to be the first Chinese athletes to participate in Challenge Roth. Bessy: she has never done a long-distance triathlon before. She is turning 30 as well. She wants to do something challenging to celebrate her birthday. During the film the history of early day Ironman triathlon is also told by many luminaries in the sport. Award of Excellence – Accolade Global Film Competition 2018. Gold Award Winner – Latitude Film Awards 2018. Bronze Award Winner & Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Editing – Queen Palm International Film Festival 2018. Official Selection 2018: International Festival of Outdoor Films.