Tory Skates Colorado



No matter where you live, breaking out and becoming a professional skateboarder is no easy feat. Now imagine being from a small town in rural America where few of your fellow citizens ever leave home in search of something bigger. There the cards are stacked against an aspiring pro athlete. But some, like 20-year-old Tory Grant, have big dreams of breaking free from the mundane routine of a small town and making it in the highly competitive world of skateboarding. With no mentors to guide him, Tory had to learn the tricks of the trade through blood, sweat and tears. While most kids his age were solely concerned with conformity and popularity, Tory built the courage to break free from the pressure of social acceptance and find a path of individuality. While still in school, Tory trained hard to be good enough to start traveling the United States, competing in skateboard competitions, and in the process making a name for himself. While confident beyond his years, Tory still struggles with the fear of leaving the familiarity of his friends and family in pursuit of his dream of moving to California, where greater exposure could aid him in becoming a professional skateboarder. One important step on this journey is Tory’s recent pit-stop in Colorado, where, in his first professional documentary, he shows off his talents and talks about his triumphs and struggles to follow his dream.