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THREAD is not your ordinary surf film. It features a unique blend of the culture that surrounds surfing. The film kicks off with prolific photograper Michael Halsband discussing his working relationship with Joel Tudor. Filmmaker Patrick Trefz really draws the connections between surfing and art as well as surfing, skating and music. The whole movie is great, from Tom Carroll’s fin experiments to the bonzer footage of Taylor Knox and the Campbells. If you want something fresh… Thread is the film. It was filmed around the globe, weaving a mesmerizing visual story of surfers and esoteric ocean landscapes. From the streets of the NYC to a rock-lined African point break, the Cote de Basque to Pipeline, jam sessions to surf sessions-in saturated color and deep grained black-and-white Thread, promises a study in contrasts. Broken-up, shattered, then placed, no-stitched-back together, Thread takes-in five lives and showcases the art these individuals make of their time. Surfing well is a lifetime’s pursuit that’s expressed in subtleties: the pull of shoulders, the timing of breath. Unfolding on distant shores, each wave and location with its own flavor…