This Is Your Day



The experience of conquering a 100 mile race can be both transcendent and agonizing. ‘This Is Your Day’ follows three unique individuals in one of the most storied 100-mile races in the world, the 2015 Western States Endurance Run. A mother, a competitive age grouper, and an elite facing the pressures as a defending champion. But the athletes are only one piece of the puzzle. ‘This Is Your Day’ brings to life the emotional highs and difficult lows of traversing 100 miles. This is a universal story about the power of the human body, the will of the mind, and the importance of the human connection. The story of Inspiration. Endurance. Devotion. Official Selections: Trails In Motion World Tour 2016, Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 2016, DAFF 2015 & Danish Adventure Film Festival 2015.