The Vagabond Project



The Vagabond Project is a youth-driven series about eclectic, international travel experiences focused around Gen-Y subcultures such as adventure, art, music, sustainability, architecture, theater, technology, nightlife, food, fashion, bicycles, people and lifestyles. The Vagabond Project is non-critical, apolitical and curates a showcase of positive attributes of a given culture or country. It is The Vagabond Project’s mission to inspire and share the world through new, unconventional perspectives. The Vagabond Project is committed to being a cultural entity built upon authenticity, originality, creativity and honesty that creates opportunities for the Gen-Y community to engage in international culture. Watch Millana Snow as she travels across Hong Kong, Beijing and Macau discovering all things cool, fun and adventurous! Winner LAWEBFEST 2013. ‘Best Travel & Adventure Web Series’ Webby Awards 2013 & 2014. Winner The Lovie Awards 2013.