The Mavericks

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Are you a whisky lover but don’t know enough about it? Did you know that the word whisky is derived from ‘Uisge Beatha’ or water of life as the Irish monks called it? Do you have all your whisky basics right? Or are you a novice who wants to convert into a whisky aficionado? Then this show is your Whisky School, where you will find all your answers! Most people sip their single malts without giving a thought to the craft and commitment that goes into the creation of every single dram. But great whiskey isn’t made by accident – it’s a scientific, almost obsessive process. And the people that are tasked with the creation of this iconic drink are virtual rock stars…or mavericks, as we like to call them! Join celebrity host Rahul Khanna as he explores the fine taste of single malt Scotch whisky right from its source – Speyside, Scotland. Meet the family that created history by introducing single malt to the world. So, this is not just the story of whisky; this is the story of the legends that created what is today the most awarded single malt in the world. This is the story of The Mavericks – William Grant & Sons.