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The Human Slingshot



‘The Human Slingshot: Breaking the Boundaries of Gravity’ – What does it take to for an unprotected person to rocket upward from 0 to 200 km/hr in less than a second? In this dramatic short documentary the daring stunt is accomplished with a trifecta of elements: a pair of daring BASE jumpers, a mad scientist, and, of course, a human slingshot. Two legendary jump experts – Jimmy Pouchert & Chris “Douggs” McDouggal – take on the most daring and dangerous stunt of their seasoned careers, a stunt so insane it rattles the nerves of the even these experienced athletes. Jimmy and Douggs each put it all on the line to have their bodies catapulted 700 meters into the air before parachuting back to Earth. They have survived in the sports of skydiving and BASE jumping for more than 20 years. In their careers they have dealt with loss and tragedy – the dark underbelly of these extreme sports. Both men have successfully made thousands of jumps, but for the first time they face a challenge outside the experience of any jumper before and risk serious injury or even death. How will Jimmy and Chris successfully and safely pull of this death-defying stunt of a lifetime?