The Great Game



(Also available in 2 x 28 mins TV Series) ‘The Great Game: 30,000 miles across Central Asia’ – How a game of cricket in Kabul lead one man on an extraordinary journey from London to China. Jon Beardmore, 38 and frustrated with his 9-5 career, makes a decision that will change his life forever. He is inspired by Peter Hopkirk’s classic book ‘The Great Game’, On Secret Service in High Asia, and armed with a burning desire to return to Afghanistan to play a game of cricket. Jon sets out on an extraordinary nine-month solo overland journey across Central Asia in a 20 year Landcruiser called Boris and only his mascot Kiwi Ted for company. And he sets off with one burning question in mind – is Central Asia really as dangerous as we’re led to believe? The challenge to navigate across 30,000 miles and 30 countries becomes a true test of perseverance, tenacity and desire to overcome obstacles and the unexpected physical and mental challenges. It’s a journey where Jon learns more about the human nature than he could possibly imagine. Where he explores the man-made borders that have turned people into enemies and discovers, when it all comes down to it, people are essentially the same, everywhere in the world. ‘The Great Game’ is a story that will challenge your perspectives and preconceived ideas of an area of the world, which people have made huge assumptions about, and yet know very little. New Talent Award – Adventure Travel Film Festival 2016.