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The Amazon Dive



Cliff diving in the middle of the Amazon performed by 11 times world champion Orlando Duque from Colombia. Orlando Duque takes great heights to new places by climbing and jumping off trees in the Amazon. Cliff diver and 11 times world champion Orlando Duque is a man known for going deep – but this time it’s not only deep water, it’s the deep jungle of the Amazon. The world-renowned aerial artist, along with fellow cliff diver Eber Pava, spent 14 days exploring the Amazon River in Peru, Brazil, and Colombia in search of the unique opportunity to dive from massive Ceiba and Rubber trees, towering up to 35m above the murky, muddy river. New World Spirits Film Creation realized an idea of Thomas Miklautsch and Orlando Duque after years of preparation. This documentary contains not only amazing extreme sports footage, but also a strong environmental message. Todays heavily endangered indigenous civilizations and the fragile ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest can only be saved by a radical stop of exploiting its unique natural resources.