Surf The Alps



Surf The Alps: Munich & Winter Kiting in St Moritz. Munich – Meet the surfers and entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the sport of surfing on a river in the middle of Germany. Close to the Alps but far away from the sea. Instead of waiting for vacations, surfers started experimenting on the 12m/39ft wave in the “Eisbach” in the middle of the city 30 years ago. River Surfing was born! Today the wave is surfed day and night, during all seasons, attracts international surf legends and loads of tourists. Get to know the local scene, see how fins are specifically developed for river surfing and watch the surfers’ stunts. Bur there is trouble in paradise as the city wants to shut down the wave, but the surfers are fighting for their passion. Winter Kiting in St Moritz – The ice cold winter of Switzerland, wind, a board and a kite. Welcome to the adventure of winter kiting! Visit the oldest snowkiting school in the world, try out this fascinating sport and admire the action the snowkiting legends put up. All of this on the immense frozen Silvaplana Lake in the middle of the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps. A stunning sport connected with the breathtaking scenery in Switzerland.