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In contrast to traditional documentary, ‘Skaters & Thieves’ gives the audience an inside look at the lives of individuals that are shaping the next generation of skaters and black culture within the city life of Brooklyn, New York. The guys invited Montreal filmmakers Jeremy Rubier and AD Jennings to capture the entire experience of the daily lives of these ‘Skaters & Thieve’s in an unobtrusive way, which gives the documentary a certain edge you won’t be able to watch anywhere else. ‘Skaters & Thieves’ is not just a clever moniker, it’s a lifestyle. The 9 individuals that make up the crew are part of this collective of new-wave skateboarders. They’ve built their own culture, from the ground up, in and around Brooklyn. They are 9 of the most upfront, care-free, no-bullshit type of people who share the same passion around skating and thieving. Whether they are going to the shop, a stroll, or to go pick up something, each and every one of them end up stopping by the Eastern Parkway Brooklyn Museum, which is now a spot they all call their own. Without even noticing how much they were actually filming, both Jeremy and AD were able to capture the real social and cultural aspects of the daily lives of these kids as they occurred without attempting to manipulate or impose their own perspectives onto such portrayals, which makes the whole thing as real as it gets. Best Skateboard Short Film, Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival.